Creators of Black-T® and Green-T® applications:

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Black-T ® is a multi-step process that employs a series of chemically bonding production steps that will provide optimal protection against rust, corrosion and external damage.  It can be used in a variety of applications across a broad number of metal substrates, including steel, stainless, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, brass, etc.

There is an almost endless variety of applications for Black-T® :Order_Here

  • General Uses – From nuts, bolts and screws to custom knives

  • Firearms and Accessories Protective Coatings / Firearm Protective Finishes

  • Automotive Parts and Accessories

  • Electrical / Electronic Components

  • Tools and Tooling

  • Industrial and Mechanical Parts

  • Farm, Lawn and Garden Parts and Equipment

  • Stainless Steel Coating

  • Prevention of Corrosion problems

  • Industrial coatings

  • Prevention of Marine corrosion / Saltwater corrosion

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