Mr. W. E. Birdsong, Sr. began in the late 1970s to develop a product that would reduce the amount of maintenance necessary for firearms  and related accessories. After seeing so much rust and corrosion  that attacked metal parts, particularly on firearms, Mr. Birdsong knew that there had to be a better finish that would reduce or eliminate those problems. His development efforts resulted in a  number of finish types to evaluate, with Black-T® becoming the most durable, protective and attractive product available. 

The proprietary Black-T® and its color variations of OD Green, Desert Tan, and Dark Earth Brown has been available as a high performance, protective coating system for metals for over 30 years now.

Mr. Birdsong unfortunately passed away in July, 2009, after a brief illness. His legacy of producing one of the finest metal finishes will be continued as his sons, who have always worked in the business, will operate and provide the same high quality, high performance and attractive product that Mr. Birdsong was known for.


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