(Effective 8/1/2015)

Add 20% for Two Tone

Metal Finishing Black-T Effective 8/1/2015
Rifles & Shotguns (bolt & break action)  Retail
Complete weapon w / rings & bases  $250.00
Barreled receiver  $130.00
Barrel only  $90.00
Receiver only  $85.00
Bolt & internal parts  $65.00
Bolt only  $35.00
Shotgun internal parts only  $60.00
Ring & bases  $35.00
Magazine  $25.00
Double barrel  POR
Rifles & Shotguns ( semi & lever action)
Complete weapon w / rings & bases  $260.00
Upper receiver w / barrel  $160.00
Barrel only  $95.00
Upper or lower receiver  $80.00
Bolt & internal parts  $80.00
Bolt only  $30.00
Bolt carrier  $40.00
Shotgun internal parts only  $60.00
Rings & bases  $35.00
Magazine  $25.00
Military style weapon  $285.00
Auto complete w / 2 magazines  $200.00
Synthetic comlpete w / 2 magazines  $175.00
Revolver complete  $200.00
Barrel only  $30.00
Frame only  $90.00
Slide only  $75.00
Internal parts  $40.00
Magazine  $15.00
Additional services
Optional colors long guns  $50.00
Optional colors hand guns  $25.00
Excessive rust  $30.00
Masking for non coating parts  $15.00
Specialty weapons  POR

***   NOTICES   ***

The Two-Tone Black/Green finish is applied to firearms in combinations that have been determined to be most aesthetically pleasing and functional.

 All firearms must be received by us in working condition.  We do not make repairs or perform modifications.

We ship exclusively by Federal Express and recommend that you also use FedEx.


We accept Visa and Master Card, money order or certified check. Personal checks are also accepted, but must clear bank prior to our return shipping.

—   or   —

You may include payment with your firearms shipment and we’ll call with shipping charges when it’s ready to ship back. We can do a credit card over the phone or make arrangements at that time for return shipment.


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