The warfighter’s tactical equipment is essential to mission success. Everything piece of equipment from rifles, magazines, pistols, packs, web gear, gloves, and hard assets including electronic equipment and motorized vehicles is vulnerable to chemical nerve agent attack and contamination. Persistent low-level exposure to chemical nerve weapons, even below standard detectable thresholds, poses a significant risk to the warfighter. To effectively counter chemical nerve weapon threats, a proactive and self‐functioning
technology platform is necessary; WMDtox™ is that technology platform that is applied well in advance of any nerve agent exposure and immediately self‐initiates the chemical and catalytic decontamination process with any casual or extreme contact. Mitigating the hazards of chemical nerve agents improves asset utility and the warfighters’ ability to carry out the mission.

WMDtox™ is a phosphate ester nerve agent self‐decontaminating coating that can protect every paintable surface from hard equipment, such as weapons and electronics, and textile gear and uniforms. With weapons and other tactical equipment coated with WMDtox™, mission ready has a whole new meaning because the warfighter has continuous chemical nerve agent protection that self-decontaminates immediately, is repeatable, and robustly.

WMDtox™ is easily applied either in advance of or during field‐based operations to create self-decontaminating surfaces that remain active for extended periods of time (months and years depending upon the necessary activity and environmental severity). Open surfaces, recessed areas, and even internal parts and locations can be active for decontamination in the absence of excess water, foams, or caustic agents as generally used for decontamination. WMDtox™ minimizes the supporting logistical requirements and is more effective while allowing assets to be used during battlefield operations, unlike any current technology.

The capabilities of WMDtox™ include:

  • Direct application to all paintable surfaces
  • Application in advance of an actual nerve gas attack
  • Provides a rapid/long‐lasting self‐decontamination capability to all contact and occluded surfaces
  • Improves operational safety and asset retention for the warfighter and first responders
  • Mitigating the hazard from nerve agent surface contact, including low level exposure
  • Rapid reclamation of contaminated equipment and spaces
  • Available in commercial quantities immediately
  • Patent protected and regulatory compliant

WMDtox™ can protect mission-critical assets:

  • Uniforms and Weapons
  • Tactical Equipment
  • Barracks
  • Vehicle Exteriors and Interiors
  • Electronic Equipment Int/Ext
  • Aircraft and Drones Int/Ext
  • Any paintable surface

WMDtox Brochure